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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 25, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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he went after this network, yours truly. outrageous. never produced any real evidence for his defamatory comments. that's all the time we have tonight. raymond, thank you. check out my podcast tomorrow and remember shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take all the coverage from here and it's a big show she has on tap. >> shannon: thank you, laura. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington we begin with the fox news aler alert. we are following too big breaking stories tonight, the lawyer best known for representing adult film performer stormy daniels against president trump and threatening to run for president himself now out on $300,000 $300,000 bond . michael avenatti facing nearly 100 years in jail. into federal cases accusing him of extortion, bank and wire fraud and more. we have details. and the trump team turning the end of the mueller probe into a rallying cry for justice and reelection. the president asking who will investigate the investigators. the plan to do that may already
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be underway. democrats promised the president troubles are far from over. democrats demanding the full mueller report and all underlying documentation and information be turned over by next tuesday. why one legal expert says rushing the process could get the attorney general into a world of legal trouble. we have fox team coverage. trump is tweeting about the stories, trace gallagher is on avenatti's case that would begin with kristin fisher. following the president's celebration of being cleared of collusion, top intel officials from the last administration may be called to the hill to answer tough questions. >> steve bannon is predicting president trump is going to go full animal. that's a direct quote from an interview out on yahoo news. now that his presidency is no longer under the shadow. it took nearly two years and $25 million but now even the most vocal critics of
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president trump admit there was no collusion. >> does the lack of conspiracy indictment clear donald trump of collusion? >> i think it does. speak i'm relieved it's been determined there is not a criminal conspiracy with the russian government. >> democrats say it's not over yet. >> still planning to bring impeachment of the floor? >> it doesn't change things. >> what's changed is the focus of their investigation from collusion to obstruction of justice. while the special counsel found no evidence of the trump campaign conspiring with russians, according to the attorney general letter, the special counsel did not reach a conclusion about obstruction. >> given that special counsel mueller did not resolve that question, i think it calls out for congress to exercise appropriate oversight, get access to the report in the background materials and reach our own conclusions. >> house democrats demanding the attorney general testify before
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lawmakers and turn over the full report from the special counsel by next tuesday. >> will use the mueller report on the underlying evidence when we obtain it to make decisions about the focus of our investigation. >> the white house says the case should be closed. some politicians and pundits held accountable. >> adam schiff should resign. he has no right, someone who's been pedaling alive day after day after day, unchallenged, unchallenged and not under oath. >> i think democrats on the liberal media should be embarrassed by their behavior over the last two years. it's not just that they reported and spread a slanderous, malicious lie for they hope for the takedown of the president of the united states. >> as similar probands, senator lindsey graham says it's time for new special counsel, only this one will look at why the initial fbi investigation into collusion was given the green light at all. >> i've been calling since the end of 2017 for a special
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counsel to be appointed to look at whether or not the fisa warrant process was abused for political purposes. whether or not a counterintelligence investigation was opened up as a backdoor to spy on the campaign. i'm going to get answers to this. >> if no one else cares, it sees to be republicans. >> senator graham said that he's going to use every tool available to get to the bottom of it. he even said i would like to find somebody, like a mr. mueller. shannon, maybe that's mueller's next move. >> shannon: stranger things have happened. >> he's available. >> shannon: you are right. it's d.c. you can't rule anything out. thank you. michael avenatti tonight being accused of trying to pull off a "old fashion shakedown." trying to extort millions from sports apparel giant nike and much more as he can now be
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facing up to nearly 100 years in jail. corresponded trace gallagher has the latest from our l.a. bureau. good evening, trace. >> good evening, shannon. michael avenatti said he's confident he'll be fully exonerated and that's a lot of confidence because prosecutors say there is a lot of evidence beginning with extortion. the criminal complaint says that's between a format with attorneys for nike and threaten to release damaging information about the company unless he was paid $20 million. >> asked by a lawyer from the company why the company would agree to such an arrangement, avenatti responded that he had the company in a very vulnerable position where he could wipe out five, $6 billion. >> before he was arrested, avenatti tweeted that he will hold a news conference tomorrow to "disclose a major high school college basketball scandal perpetrated by nike that we have uncovered. the criminal conduct reaches the highest levels of nike and involve some of the biggest
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names in college basketball." nike told us it's "been cooperating with the government's investigation into ncaa basketball for over a year." nike became aware of the matter and they reported it to federal prosecutors. the investigation reportedly involves illegal payments to the families of high school basketball stars. after he was released on bond, michael avenatti, who likes the cameras on last year did hundreds of interviews on cnn and msnbc, defended himself. watch. >> and is all of you know, for e entirety of my career, i have fought against the powerful, powerful people and powerful corporations. i will never stop fighting that good fight. >> now he's got a separate legal fight here in california where the feds say he is embezzled of client settlement money to pay his own debts and allegedly used
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phony tax returns to obtain more than $4 million in loans. avenatti's former client, the porn star stormy daniels says she's not surprised by the tardis, calling avenatti dishonest and charles harter who represented president trump and stormy daniels' case says that avenatti's arrest marks a great day for the american justice system and finally we have to know that in the nike case, avenatti has an alleged cocoa sr -- coconspirator. so far no comment from him. >> shannon: we were going to have more on this. thank you very much. news media under fire for coverage of the special counsel probe after years of claims of possible smoking guns and bombshells. >> i'm outraged by the behavior of these networks. collusion, collusion, collusion, collusion. no collusion. no collusion. i apologize. >> never.
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never. i didn't do anything wrong. these questions are real and they need to be regarded as such. >> treasonous. [both speaking] >> there were people on this network. how about this network should apologize. how about jeff stocker. >> should i ask you to apologize for everything the president says that's not true. >> no. >> shannon: lots of calls for apologies. let's turn to fox news contributor jessica tarlov and president of the media research center, brent bozell. welcome. i want to play something from adam schiff whose now congressman, chairman of the house intelligence committee, democrat. here's what he said in 2017. >> i can tell you that the case is more than that and i can't go into the particulars but there is more than circumstantial evidence. i don't want to go into specifics but i will say there's evidence that's not circumstantial and is very much worthy of investigation. >> shannon: okay, the
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investigation is over. democrats have praised mueller on the front and so now will they accept the findings when it comes to collusion? >> i think once everyone sees the full report that the findings will be accepted. i've heard from a number of democrats and i support them, people who said they had evidence of collusion should present it. we are not privy to everything adam schiff has seen but i imagine bob mueller was in then some. adam schiff, eric swalwell, et cetera, they should present that evidence to the american people. i want as much information out there as possible. >> shannon: branch, with that in mind, people say they need to see the full report by the attorney general has summarized it and he quoted from the special counsel specifically saying there was absolutely no collusion. could there be some misinterpretation of the attorney general's part? >> no. i disagree with your guest. the democrats are never going to get over this. they are still pursuing this. listen to them today. they want the full report.
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they're going to hear their own hearings. they're not about to accept this. now they are grasping at straws with obstruction which is silly. donald trump investigated, obstructed with his investigation on his innocence. doesn't make any sense. if the media truly were patriotic, they would be celebrating the vindication of their president, pure and simpl simple. they want the overthrow of donald trump. they want to overthrow this government, and they are furious that they failed. they thought they would. >> shannon: let me say within the last couple weeks john brennan, who's been out there for years saying trump is in all kinds of trouble and this isn't going to end well, protecting indictments of the trump family, he was confronted today with the findings and here's what he sai said. >> i don't know if i receive that information but i think i suspected there was more than there actually was.
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>> shannon: jessica, what do you do with that? he is saying abi overhyped it rates big i think we should say okay, john brennan took responsibility in society overhyped it. >> shannon: after two years of being out there saying that the trump family, the president himself they were all the mess of trouble and that they had colluded with russian betray their country. you can't just take that back. >> what about the 7-plus years spent by ken starr going after the clintons. $80 million in 19's -- 1990s money. if we had a two-year investigation into hillary clinton by loretta lynch by a special counsel and then loretta lynch got the report and just i don't know, i'm going to give you a four page summary. you would be flipping out. congress voted 420-0 to release the mueller report. now mitch mcconnell is trying to block it. i know we will get it in the end but i don't see what the problem is. >> shannon: i don't that he's trying to block it. seems to me -- he said because of national security.
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>> everything will be redacted that needs to be redacted. >> shannon: that's going to take time. brent, you know there was the vote, we've heard a number of republicans including the president saying yes i want the public to see it. i've got nothing to hide. >> great, so let's see it. >> they can't. look, look, look, look. you are grasping at straws. i think it's more important to ask this question. put aside the dozens upon dozens of democratic lawmakers and the dozens of people on the press who all said they believed he was guilty. adam schiff said, as you mentioned, shannon, adam schiff said he had the evidence. at this point, let's do a little role reversal. this demand of adam schiff, where's the evidence? if you went to the american people and you accused the president of something and you said you had the evidence, where's the evidence. i would love to see what adam schiff is talking about. >> i don't know if you're just
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not listening to me. i said the same thing is you. i set it to open the segment the people who said they had evidence should present it. but you want to wind yourself up about her narrative. >> shannon: 2800 subpoenas in 500 interviews, what would congress have that the special counsel hasn't already seen and used to come to this conclusion? >> i just said i don't think it's possible that anyone has something that bob mueller doesn't have. that doesn't mean the report shouldn't be released and it means people should be held responsible who promised something that they may not be able to deliver. >> would you call on the congress, would you call on the democrats, would you call them the democrats to cut it out and stop demanding these hearings and leave it alone and except that the report of mueller, would you call on them to do that? except the report. >> that's very different. excepting the report and canceling investigations when we were elected, one of the main
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reasons for oversight and checks and balances on this administration are very different. the mueller report should absolutely be accepted. >> so you will investigate collusion? >> shannon: jessica. do you think it's worth the democrats' time or does it potentially blow up on their face if america is sick of this mueller investigation. now saying okay it's done. we have a determination by the special counsel. the democrats had mueller is without reproach. if you continue with the investigations along the same threads, possibly impeachment, is that going to feed into the president's narrative and he's going to go out and campaigned against it in 2020? >> impeachment definitely does which is why nancy pelosi has gotten out in front of this and said were not talking about that right now. it wouldn't get through the senate. i think oversight committees should do their job. democrats can keep talking about the issues that matter to
8:15 pm
americans which got us 40 additional seats and seven gubernatorial mansions. that's how were going to go. >> shannon: sounds like on the senate side republicans are going to do investigations into how this whole thing got started. >> you have not accepted the mueller report. >> shannon: we have to leave it there. bill barr has quoted the special console and given the conclusions. we will wait because bill barr has promised it's going to come out and he wants to release as much as possible. the president said yes. you come back once we get it. jessica and brent, thank you. vindication, no vengeance. top republicans vowing to get to the bottom of who and how this whole russia thing got started. alan dershowitz, brad moss, ken starr examine the case the g.o.p. is starting to build. they are next. i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed,
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>> i want to look at the counterintelligence investigation opened up against the trump campaign. what was it based on? was it a backdoor way to get into the campaign? i want to look at how comey decided to take over the clinton email investigation. was there more than just a tarmac meeting? >> shannon: good questions. senate judiciary chairman lindsey graham pledging what he called to investigate the other side of the mueller russia investigation story. let's bring in the panel. harvard law professor alan dershowitz, national security attorney bradley mohsen fox news contributor, former independent counsel ken starr. welcome to all of you. in response to lindsey graham's pledge that he wants to get to the bottom of how this got started and who was involved in what evidence was was right upon, senator dick durbin, also
8:21 pm
on the senate committee says i hope lindsay columns down. thinks it over and gets back on track to where we can serve this country rather than political scorekeeping. >> i agree. i don't think we should be doing tit for tat. they investigated us. let's investigate them. let's stop the investigations and get back to doing the people's business and just legislate. i think these investigations of the investigators and the attempts to try to score political points through investigation is wrong. i'm old enough to remember mccarthyism when the house un-american activities committee abuse their powers and the courts interfered and put an end to it, at least the most extreme forms of misusing investigations. i don't want to see us come to that. i think we should declare a truce and stop criminalizing our political enemies on both sides. use the criminal justice system
8:22 pm
and the investigation only for proper and legitimate ends. >> shannon: senator john kennedy, a republican out of louisiana, does not think there's going to be a truce on the democrat side with these investigations. here's what he said today. >> i'm not naive. some of my democratic colleagues have two speeds. hostile and smartass. they are like a dog after a bone. it wouldn't surprise me to see them want to investigate mr. mueller. >> shannon: brad, he is a sound bite machine. does he convince the democrats it's time to let go? >> hold the phone. there is gambling in this town. anytime a party that's not in the white house takes over one or the other part of congress, they run investigations. democrats do it when it's out republican and republicans do it when it's a democrat. what senator graham has laid out
8:23 pm
and i think alan is in agreement, it's not victor's justice. you ran an controversial investigations are never going to pick apart everything you do in order to retaliate. it's ridiculous. the fbi and intelligence community, they didn't pick the characters. these people who got indicted or hired by donald j. trump. it was his campaign manager, his deputy campaign manager. >> shannon: we are talking about the origins of the investigation, the dossier, bruce ohr, christopher steele. those backdoor issues that led to this whole thing being launched. i think graham thinks that's worth pursuing. i think he will join us tomorrow. ken starr, i want to read something from the democrats on the hill. they released a letter. they say the release of the full report to the attorney general and the underlying evidence and documents is urgently needed by our committees to perform the duties under the constitution. they say they need the full report by april 2. do you think the attorney general can do that
8:24 pm
responsively? that's next tuesday. >> that's pretty fast work. i think all three of us, whatever our perspectives may be, would agree that the attorney general has a solemn obligation to obey the law. that includes protecting grand jury secrecy. as well as following justice department policy. i think bill barr has already proven that he's not going to be bullied, as he said during his confirmation hearings. he's not going to be bullied by these people. they can say what they want to and demand dates and so forth but we have a very able, responsible, super lawyer who's our attorney general and he's going to follow the law. we've seen that on the friday letter. we sought on the sunday night letter. let's let bill barr do his job. this is politics coming up against law. >> shannon: professor, you and i talked about this yesterday. professor dershowitz, we talked about the fact that the special counsel didn't make a decision on obstruction of justice and he
8:25 pm
punted it to the attorney general's amount gives the democrats a talking point to say the attorney general was nominated by this president. he's going to do the president's bidding. he wasn't the right person to make the decision about obstruction. i know you've had some objections on the issue of the special counsel not resolving it. >> it would've been much better if mueller had done his complete job. he/she give half his salary back. he did a good and thorough job on the rush issue but on the issue of obstruction of justice, he said what a law professor would say. what i said in 50 years. on the one hand, on the other hand. leave it to the students. let them decide. maybe i'll write an article. if you want to hedge, start a hedge fund. but a prosecutor has to decide. this is a guy who's a former marine. he is the former director of the fbi, former u.s. attorney. he knows how to decide. i suspect he got caught up in loyalty issues that some people who would participate in the
8:26 pm
investigation felt very, very strongly that they should be charging the president with obstruction of justice. he probably felt the other way. instead of just overruling those folks, he said look, i will give you their arguments. i will give you the other arguments and let the attorney general decide. the problem with that is the deciders, the attorney general who was only read the material for a short time, and the deputy attorney general who was conflicted, he was part of the decision to fire comey. if that was part of the obstruction of justice, surely he should not have been the one to participate in the decision whether that constituted obstruction of justice. obviously he was more involved than just the firing but the firing was an important part of it. >> shannon: can come i want to ask you because you served as independent counsel, what do you make of senator graham's suggestion that there could maybe be another special counsel. do you think it's a good idea. >> i have the greatest respect
8:27 pm
for senator graham. he's a great man and i think he's a great public servant. let's let the justice department do its job. i do agree with what alan said earlier. let's quit over criminalizing. that's not what senator graham is talking about. he's asking questions. my own view is those are very legitimate questions and the senate, not a prosecutor, is the right forum for addressing those questions. >> shannon: all all right, thank you all very much. good to see you tonight. we have breaking news on president trump's border wall and the fate of obamacare. it's next.
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run with us in the unstoppable john deere gator xuv835, because when others take rain checks... we take the wheel. run with us. search "john deere gator" for more. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. the pentagon notifying congress tonight it's authorizing a billion dollars for "counter drug security." the funds they say will be used for construction of 57 miles of border fencing, improving roads, and installing lighting in the yuma and el paso border areas. also breaking, major reversal of the justice department sighting
8:32 pm
with a district court ruling finding president obama's affordable care act unconstitutional. big shift for the trump administration which previously had argued that only parts of the health care law should be struck down. now they say the whole thing. speaker nancy pelosi immediately responding tonight saying in federal court the trump administration decided not only to try to destroy protections for americans living with pre-existing conditions but to declare all-out war on the health care of the american people. more on that i'm sure first thing tomorrow. speaker pelosi warning democrats it's time to focus on their message and pocketbook issues and not on the mueller report. democrats get a chance to tackle one of those big priority tomorrow at the senate takes a step towards a vote on congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez's green new deal. senior capitol hill producer chad pergram is here. we heard and then it was said for a senate vote and people were like we don't want to vote on it. >> it's a procedural vote, a motion to proceed.
8:33 pm
try to start debate on the resolution. mitch mcconnell is teeing this up. it's about 2020. he wants to try to get the democratic senate presidential candidates on the record. democrats aren't going to take the bait. they are going to vote present on the motion to proceed. you have to get 60 votes to start debate on the resolution in the senate or a bill. it's not going to get 60 votes because you're not going to have enough people voting yes. democrats say this is a showboat. they criticize mitch mcconnell during the government shutdown for not taking house votes, house bills to reopen the government because he characterizes as a showboat. they say let's focus on policy and let's deal with climate change. that something they want to talk about. >> shannon: so they want to focus on the issues but some of the freshmen members are being transparent about the fact that they may use backdoor ways to get issues like gun control and the environment and other things that they may not be able to legislate. >> you mentioned alexandria ocasio-cortez. she has quite a following on social media. when you get in exchanges with witnesses at big hearings, they
8:34 pm
tried to get these exchanges to go viral and so there's going to be a big year in a couple weeks with a lot of big ceos and that's way to put their feet to the fire of these witnesses, saying you better give the right answers or were going to tweet something out, put something on facebook with a viral video. that's a new way to go around the back door if you can't get a bill on the floor because you're a freshman member of congress. >> shannon: public pressure to do things like forcing banks to stop financing gun companies. first time tonight after the mueller report, what's the vibe on the hill? >> everybody came together. a lot of reporters chasing members of congress all over the place, including myself chasing jerry nadler. the committee chairs and said we want to have the full mueller report by the second of april. they wrote to the attorney general bill barr saying that's when we think we should have the documentation plus the full report. we'll see if they play ball. now the question for digresses are they overplaying their hand? is it perceived as sour grapes? continuing to have these probes and investigations if the president has been cleared by
8:35 pm
the mueller report. i asked jerry nadler and he said no, people won't perceive us is going too far if we do things the right way. the main message from nancy pelosi tonight when she met with leadership, her committee chairs, stick to policy. she doesn't want to say much about the mueller report. she would barely see anything when i caught her on the piece video moment to go by the elevator. she said release the mueller report and that's all i'm going to say. >> shannon: no one from the hill should think they can run from chad because he will find you. you will see chad track down the big players of the day. >> the famous goaltender said it's all about positioning. >> shannon: you are always right there. thank you. israel mobilizing troops as militants launch more rockets after israeli forces struck key hamas targets earlier in response to a rocket attack they say from palestinian territory. all of this going on as prime minister benjamin netanyahu was in washington. correspondent david spunt is tracking the news.
8:36 pm
>> netanyahu expected to spend four days here in the states but instead he had to cut his trip short because of ongoing rocket fire in israel. he intended to head back this afternoon to israel but was delayed several hours into the evening. as rockets exploded on monday. >> israel will not tolerate this. i will not tolerate this. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was at the white house where president trump reversed a 52-year-old policy by recognizing the golan heights as part of israel. >> should have taken place many decades ago. >> during the white house meeting, israeli troops mobilized back home. >> the united states recognizes israel's absolute right to defend itself. the despicable attack this morning demonstrates the significance significant security challenges that israel faces every single day. >> amid the crisis, netanyahu skipped an appearance at the annual gathering of aipac, a pro-israel interest group.
8:37 pm
netanyahu's planned appearance spurred a pressure campaign that led to several 2020 democrats to skip the event. secretary of state mike pompeo told attendees anti-zionism is anti-semitism. >> i want to talk about why anti-semitism is on the rise. i have a few thoughts. some politicians think anti-semitism can actually win them votes. >> prime minister netanyahu fighting corruption allegations and a looming indictment back home. before he left the white house, he worked in a quick jab about the mueller investigation. >> i've brought you a case of the finest wine. i understand you're not a great wine drinker but can i give it to your staff? >> those democrats skipped the conference in part after move on, the advocacy group, encourage them to do so, speaking of aipac. they are boycotting the conference because of netanyahu's connection to aipac. >> shannon: were going to have more on that with experts coming up.
8:38 pm
david, thank you very much. hollywood erupts in disbelief over the results of the mueller report. inside edition correspondent megan alexander joins us to take a look. ♪ be right back. with moderate to severe crohn's disease, i was there, just not always where i needed to be. is she alright? i hope so. so i talked to my doctor about humira. i learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications. and the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief and many achieved remission in as little as 4 weeks. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common,
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while guarding the good. roundup sure shot wand. got weeds in your grass too? try roundup for lawns. kills weeds, not the lawn. roundup brand. trusted for over 40 years. spew on "the wall street journal" reporting cnn's former legal analyst celebrity lawyer michael avenatti's coconspirator. he is currently representing empire after jussie smollett. joining me now to talk about these developments, inside edition megan alexander. great to have you with us. stormy daniels, one of avenatti's famous clients, she says i am saddened but not shocked i made the decision more than a month ago to determinate -- terminate michael services after learning he dealt with me
8:43 pm
extremely dishonestly. >> it's unbelievable. stormy daniels and michael avenatti, these two were everywhere for months. as you reported, avenatti made over 100 cable news appearances. he truly was a celebrity and someone it's very aware of his star power. i covered the mtv video music awards last year. i remember thinking it was bizarre that avenatti walks the red carpet. perhaps what's is so unsettling about the story is the fact that he tried to use his social media as a weapon, telling nike, intimidating nike that he would stir the pot on social media, rile up the masses. i hope everyone listening to this story takes paws and realizes social media obviously has dramatically changed our lives but there were bad people out there who are trying to weaponize it. >> shannon: he is facing serious allegations. i want to talk about hollywood's reaction to the mueller report. sean astin tweeting "looks like you can't indict a ham
8:44 pm
sandwich." alyssa milano tweeting "if there was nothing in the report, why don't they release it? if the report fully exonerated him or his family, he would have it out in seconds." the president has said he's happy to let it come out. the attorney general is going to come through. that's the tip of the iceberg. >> it felt like every actor on every hit tv show and every blockbuster movie right now is tweeting about at this over the weekend. i've got to tell you, aren't they working? i have been in a few movies but i have to concentrate and turn off my phone when i'm doing those scenes. how do they have all this time to tweet? i've said this on your program before and i really do believe the majority of the people in this country want an escape with their entertainment and they would prefer their celebrities to stay out of politics. a lot of tweeting going on that i'm not sure the american people is overly thrilled with. >> shannon: do you think celebs feel they have a platform and it's a duty or soapbox? >> very true in the flip side is
8:45 pm
everyone is entitled to free speech on social media and outlet for them where they can express their emotions. we certainly have a lot of programs with a can do just that. >> shannon: fans are always watching whether they like the tweets or not. megan alexander, always great to have you with us. vice president pence at the pro-israel aipac conference blasting the democratic 2020 contenders who skipped the gathering this year. >> anyone who aspires to the highest office in the land should not be afraid to stand with the strongest supporters of israel and america. ♪
8:46 pm
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>> anti-semitism has no place in the congress of the united states of america. at a minimum, anyone who slanders those who support this historic alliance between the united states and israel should never have a seat on the foreign affairs committee. >> shannon: vice president mike pence speaking to thousands of the pro-israel aipac conference today, it indirectly rebuking freshman democrat congresswoman ilhan omar after her comments sparked charges of anti-semitism. let's bring in the executive director of the jewish
8:50 pm
democratic council of america and ceo and president of the israel project, josh bloch. great to have both of you with us. we will talk about the democrats who didn't show up but i want to play something from the senate's top democrat, senator chuck schumer. here's what he said. >> those who seek to use israel as a means to scoring political points do a disservice to both israel and the united states. our politics may be more polarized than ever but it's incumbent upon all of us who care about u.s. israel relationships to keep it bipartisan. >> shannon: haley, that's been the case for decades. seems like there's schisms within the democratic party about aipac in particular but the conversation around israel and foreign policy and u.s. support. >> we completely agree with senator schumer. the u.s.-israel relationship has been and should continue to be a bipartisan issue. we reject any attempts to politicize the u.s. support for israel and we see on both sides
8:51 pm
the majority of the democrats and the republicans actually share that view. while there might be a small minority of voices who are voicing different views on the matter, we actually believe there is no larger majority that is certainly represented by the democratic-controlled house that would like to maintain bipartisan support for israel. >> shannon: we know a lot of 2020 contenders, it's their choice whether they want to go or make an appearance. in some campaign cycles, they are they are. this time around they are not and they have faced -- we have something from move on who, on twitter on our laurels, telling 2020 contenders not to go. they wanted them to skip and were celebrating that saying after members asked candidates to skip, no 2020 democratic presidential candidates are publicly committed to attend the aipac conference. they didn't show up. >> it's a very interesting game move on was playing. kind of intriguing.
8:52 pm
democratic candidates for the presidency are not invited to speak at aipac except in the year which the election is taking place. it's a bit of a misnomer that they weren't invited. the weren't invited. it's like saying i am boycotting a wedding to which i was not invited. >> shannon: there is pressure for them not to go and to say i'm not going. >> to the extent that on the heels of the remarks from ilhan omar and the lack of complete and absolute unequivocal rejection of the anti-semitism we saw there that there would be any equivocation or tap dancing on not coming would be a problem. on the other hand, the mayor of indianapolis, peter booted , he said he wasn't -- pete buttigieg said he wasn't invited. if one of them doesn't meet with her constituents. on the other hand it's an opportunity for folks to greet
8:53 pm
and meet americans who care about foreign policy. i saw howard schultz. i saw hundreds of members of congress. there were a lot of people there and members of congress, bill de blasio was there. other folks could have come if they wanted to the reception but they weren't invited to speak. >> shannon: they made a public break with not going. let me read something from the jerusalem post. keep an eye on next years conference went candidates will not be able to brush off aipac without explaining why it might be less inclined to do so as a pivot from pleasing the base and reaching out to independent voters. >> it's their tradition that the candidates come in the election year. this is what happened in 2016 and what happened in previous elections it's not rare. i'm confident the democratic candidate will come next year and address the conference. you didn't see any democratic candidates explicitly boycott this year's conference. >> shannon: a number of them put out statements and tweets.
8:54 pm
>> i think there might've been one but you have the majority of them, as josh said, they will meet with their constituents. some did today. kamala harris put out a tweet. she spoke with the past two conferences. >> shannon: i noted that move on retweeted that from harris. we'll see as the debate continues. thank you. our midnight hero carries the day literally and the police go after a popular children's cartoon. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ each day justin at work... walk. and after work. he does it all with dr. scholl's. only dr. scholl's has massaging gel insoles that provide all-day comfort. to keep him feeling more energized. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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8:59 pm
iconic photo of michael jordan dunking to sell billions of dollars with of sports equipment. the suit was thrown out by a lower court on the grounds the pictures were not similar enough to support the claims. ariana grande using the power of music to promote participation in democracy. the singer is teaming up with a nonpartisan group to let her fans register to vote at her concerts. she's proud of her progressive politics, letting herself with black lives matter and fervently against president trump. popular children's cartoon pepa pig accused of being sexist after it referred to firefighters as firemen. the london fire brigade said it says the show would screwed young girls from becoming firefighters. when houston firefighter thomas harwell was unable to get up the steps, his instincts kicked in. you can see in the picture he scooped the woman into his arms and carried her. when he placed her at the top of the stairs, she was grinning.
9:00 pm
thomas, for inspiring all of us to look around and see who might need help, you are our midnight hero. most-watched, most trusted and most gratefully spend your evening with us. good night from washington. i'm shannon bream. >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." for the first time, in a moment, the presidents on we'll talk about being a central target in the mueller probe. donald trump jr. is here with his first interview since we learned what is inside that report. we will also give you a remarkable update on the creepy porn lawyer. a lot has happened in his life. first, to the mueller program of the special counsel's investigation did not find that the trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinate with russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 u.s. presidential election. " that's robert mueller's conclusion after nearly two


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